TiNA co-presenter call out now open

JOIN US – Octapod is looking for new co-presenters to join TiNA in 2015.

Moving into 2015 and beyond, an annual call out will be announced to invite applications from organisations or groups interested in getting involved with TiNA at a programming level. This process will allow TINA to respond to emerging art practices and ensure the diversity of the TiNA program. A new festival model will be piloted in 2015 and we will assess the new measures over the coming months.

Note: Individuals or groups interested in presenting their individual work or events at TiNA should apply directly to Co-presenters via the annual Artist Call Out (9 March – 5 April 2015).



TiNA is an experimental environment where artists can test and exchange ideas that belong outside of institutions. Produced by Octapod in Newcastle since 1998, TiNA has grown to become one of Australia’s leading contemporary and emerging arts festivals, creating spaces for artistic collaboration and discovery. Forever responding and evolving, TiNA promotes a vibrant combination of voices that celebrate and seek creative innovation. As a festival of multiple programs presenting dynamic and bold works, TiNA is the sum of its ever-changing parts.

It is a convergence of writers, performers, thinkers, independent and industry musicians, dancers, visual artists, thespians, arts workers, media makers, creative researchers, electronic artists, physical performers, dilettantes, and DIY culture makers in a showcase featuring over 150 local, national and international artists. TiNA provides a forum of professional development, in which industry professionals, emerging artists and students are encouraged to showcase their work, network, collaborate and develop new skills.

TINA is a unique festival – Octapod works in partnership with co-presenters – arts collectives and organisations from across Australia to develop and deliver the festival. In 2014 Critical Animals, Crack Theatre Festival and the National Young Writers Festival presented programs at TiNA.



In 2015 Octapod’s programming priorities for TiNA are to provide:

  • opportunities for artists to test out and/or present new ideas within creative and experimental art practices, and
  • opportunities for artists and audience members to learn and share skills.



Co-presenters can either be:

  • legally constituted organisations, or
  • unincorporated groups/collectives.



All applications will be assessed against the following criteria using a weighted matrix:

  • How your program provides opportunities for artists to test out and/or present new ideas within creative and experimental art practices (programming priorities) (30%)
  • How your program provides opportunities for artists and audience members to learn and share skills  (programming priorities) (30%)
  • Your group/organisation’s capacity to deliver your program at TiNA (organisational capacity) (20%)
  • The extent to which your program will actively encourage participation by Hunter based artists and the broader local community (genuine local engagement) (20%)



Applications will be assessed using the Assessment Criteria described above by a panel comprising: an Octapod board representative, the Octapod Director, the TiNA Executive Producer, existing co-presenter representatives and an external independent person.


The number of events to be presented collaboratively at TiNA 2015 will not be capped and will be determined by the availability of venues and co-presenter contributions.


Each year TINA is developed in partnership with co-presenters – organisations and arts collectives from across Australia who work at a programming level to deliver the TiNA festival.

Co-presenters are responsible for curating their own programming stream of TiNA and work collaboratively with each other and Octapod to manage festival logistics.



From 2015 a new method of calculating the financial contribution of co-presenters will be adopted by Octapod.

Standard events

A ‘standard’ event uses the following core TiNA production costs only:

  • public liability insurance (Octapod will organise this insurance and have you listed as a named insured)
  • ‘standard’ equipment kit (1 PA system to cater for 4 microphones and stands, two speakers on stands, and an audio mixer)
  • table and chair hire
  • venue hire.
  • internet.

In 2015 Octapod will set up one standard equipment kit and tables/chairs, as needed in six venues, as well as organise internet access.

In 2015 each ‘standard event’ presented at TiNA will be costed at $66 inc gst.

‘Special’ events

‘Special’ events require more complex or expensive technical, staging, security, Development Applications, liquor licences, and personnel requirements.

Such events may include (but are not limited to) a bar, a large scale event/party, or an event involving stallholders. If you are unsure as to whether an event will be regarded as a special event, please check with Octapod before submitting your co-presenter application.

Co-presenters are required to pay separately for all additional costs associated with ‘special’ events. Either you can source those additional requirements OR Octapod can provide a quote to provide them.

NOTE: After the 2015 festival, the core production costs will be reviewed by Octapod and we may then vary the base charge per standard event.



All confirmed co-presenters will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $550 inc gst by 15th June 2015. This amount will be deducted from the total amount payable on 1st September 2015.



Commercial operators may be engaged by co-presenters or Octapod to provide services at TiNA.  A fee will payable by such commercial operators to Octapod by 1st September 2015.

Any fees received will be put towards the cost of delivering TiNA.



Although Octapod is the producer of TiNA, co-presenters have responsibilities related to festival logistics. These are summarised below and will be further outlined in the contract offered to successful applicants.

Key dates and deadlines can also be found in the TINA 2015 TIMELINE. This Timeline is indicative at this stage and will be confirmed at the first co-presenter meeting in 2015. It does however outline key tasks and deadlines.

Venue management

Co-presenters are responsible for:

  • bumping your events in and out in a timely manner.
  • facilitating your events.
  • taking good care of venues.
  • informing Octapod of your waste management requirements prior to the festival.
  • following Octapod’s safety/risk control measures and run sheet for each venue.
  • reporting any issues of concern to the TINA Executive Producer as soon as possible.
  • familiarising yourself and your festival with your venues, prior to TINA.



Co-presenters are responsible for:

  • following Octapod’s Marketing and Communication Guide lines for TiNA, including using agreed social media hashtags, reference to TiNA in media releases etc and other conventions.
  • assisting with TiNA promotion eg distribute and promote TiNA marketing collateral through your networks.
  • submitting a marketing plan for your own program to Octapod by 1st March 2015 whilst working collaboratively with Octapod on a unified overall TiNA marketing plan
  • promoting your own artist call out.
  • promoting your own events.



Co-presenters are responsible for:

  • sourcing and managing any equipment required above the ‘standard equipment kit’ provided by Octapod (if you are sourcing it yourself).
  • taking good care of the standard production kit (and any additional equipment) provided by Octapod. If you break or misplace anything, you will be required to replace it.
  • reporting any issues of concern to the TINA Executive Producer as soon as possible



Co-presenters are required to:

  • develop your own artistic vision for your program.
  • manage your own program budget.
  • coordinate and promote your own Artist Call Out (9 March – 5 April 2015).
  • attend meetings as scheduled in the TiNA 2015 Timeline.
  • manage your own program and general logistics once TiNA program is finalised.
  • organise and pay for insurance for all volunteers and workers associated with your program at TINA. You will be required to submit a copy of your certificate of currency for Voluntary Workers insurance and Workers Compensation 2 weeks prior to TiNA 2015).
  • organise and maintain separate appropriate insurances, risk assessments and auspicing arrangements in relation to your general activities outside of your events presented as part of TINA.
  • submit a written report within an agreed period of time (before the annual Co-presenter Debrief, which is generally held in late October or early November each year). A pro forma copy of the written report template will be provided when Co-presenters are confirmed in principle.
  • attend the annual Debrief.



Octapod is the Producer of TiNA and is ultimately legally responsible for its delivery each year. Octapod receives funding from Arts NSW to employ a TiNA Executive Producer, whose primary responsibility is to plan and manage the delivery of the TINA festival. This includes project planning, implementation and evaluation.



Octapod will cover the following costs associated with the production of TiNA:

  • staffing (TiNA Executive Producer, Designer, Marketing Manager, Production Manager)
  • marketing collateral – print and distribution
  • any other costs associated with producing TiNA not already covered by the co-presenter contributions.



As the producer of TiNA, Octapod is responsible for overseeing festival logistics.

Venue management

Octapod is responsible for:

    • sourcing venues.
    • liaising with venues – making bookings, acting as the primary point of contact year round, negotiating sponsorship arrangements.
    • developing and maintaining an online venues database.
    • planning and implementing procedures and monitoring compliance with relevant event legislation eg road closures.
    • undertaking risk assessments of events in each venue.
    • developing run sheets for each venue and distributing these to venue operators and co-presenters 2 weeks prior to the festival.
    • providing room monitors.
    • troubleshooting issues during the festival.
    • communicating any changes to co-presenters and venue operators in a timely manner.
    • facilitating a venues meeting with co-presenters in the lead up to the festival and a pre-festival briefing to ensure that all parties are aware of their responsibilities.



Octapod is responsible for:

    • developing and implementing a marketing plan for TiNA.
    • employing a TiNA Marketing Manager.
    • employing a TiNA designer.
    • producing and distributing marketing collateral.
    • conducting an audience survey at TiNA and preparing a survey report (The survey report may be used by co-presenters for report and marketing purposes).
    • collating a media file (This may be used by co-presenters for report and marketing purposes).
    • collating festival photographs (these may be used by co-presenters under licence report and marketing purposes).
    • preparing a TiNA festival program that is useable, accessible and accurate.
    • promoting Co-presenter Artist Call Outs through its networks.



Octapod is responsible for:

    • employing a TiNA Production Manager.
    • monitoring the safety of standard production kit by providing room monitors.
    • working with the Production Manager to develop run sheets for venues and a smooth bump in/out process.
    • troubleshooting issues during the festival in conjunction with the Production Manager.
    • setting up standard equipment kits in each venue (via the Production Manager).
    • carrying out spot checks on venues throughout the festival period.



Octapod will provide the following documents to co-presenters 2 weeks prior to TiNA 2015:

  • a copy of our certificate of currency re public liability insurance for TINA 2015, listing co-presenters as a named insured.
  • a copy of our certificate of currency re volunteers insurance re TINA 2015.Octapod will provide a copy of the TiNA budget at the TINA Debrief (to be held in late October 2015).



Successful applicants will be confirmed in principle in February 2015. Following the Artist Call Out (9 March – 5 April 2015), co-presenters will submit a draft program to Octapod by 4th May 2015. Once Octapod finalises the festival production costs, Co-presenters will be offered a contract (22nd May 2015) based on their confirmed program, as approved by Octapod.



Octapod is committed to protecting your privacy. You can read our Privacy Policy on our website: http://octapod.org/privacy/.



Please contact Christina Robberds, Octapod Director on 0415 699 227 or admin@octapod.org



Information sessions about this opportunity will be held in two locations:

Newcastle on 14 January, 5.30-6.30pm at Pachamama House, 21 Gordon Ave, Hamilton.
Sydney on 16 January, 5.30-6.30pm, Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, 1 Bedford Ave, Newtown.

If you are interested in applying to become a TiNA co-presenter for 2015, please fill out the form on the Octapod website and submit by Tuesday 27th January 2015 at 5pm. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Website: http://octapod.org/program/tina-this-is-not-art/co-presenter-2015-call-out/

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