Sylvia Ray

Much of my art making is for me essentially PLAY and together with my strong interest in Arts Heath has lead me to research the importance of play while studying for my Fine Art Honours Degree. I like my art to be enjoyed and experienced through many senses and this has directed me to create interactive art. The intention of my work is to be whimsical and uplifting and to highlight the importance of play. Models I use for casting are family and friends with an interest in art making and who are willing participants. This gives the work a collaborative aspect. Interested viewers are welcome to play with the work. My hope is that through interaction or play you will have a more rewarding experience

Phone: 61249434974
Address: 145 Marshall st Garden Suburb
Newcatle, NSW 2289

Category: Directory
Type: Individual
Region: Newcastle
Artform: Visual Arts New Media And Design,

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