Sarah Mould

Sarah Mould likes to paint and draw girls with herpes and boys with cat aids. She is terribly mysterious. She doesn’t want you callling her.



Untitled, Vox Cyclops, Newcastle 2010

We’re Turning One!!, Arthive Gallery, Newcastle 2010

Grab A Coaster Exhibition, PODspace Gallery,  Newcastle 2010

Modest, Suspension Cafe, Hamilton 2010

Photomedia Mayhem, Arthive Gallery, Newcastle 2010

Plate Up- Contemporary Printmakers, Wattspace Gallery, Newcastle 2010

Secret Santa, Arthive Gallery,  Newcastle 2009

Feral , Wattspace Gallery, Newcastle 2009

That’s The Business, TAFE Gallery, Newcastle 2006


Category: Directory
Type: Individual
Region: Newcastle
Artform: Visual Arts New Media And Design,

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