Royal Exchange

Name for purpose of TINA promotion/A-frame etc: Royal Exchange

Contact: Dean Winter



Brief description of regular use of venue (10 words): TBC

Licenced capacity: 70-75

Dimensions /layout – room 1: AUDITORIUM

Size – 5.6m wide x 9.7m long

Stage Size – Floor level (no riser) 4.2 wide x 3.3m deep
Wing Size – Stage right 3.9m x 3.3m
Room Height – 3.4 meters
Floor Material – Concrete, Lino Tiles
FOH Curtain – Silver / Grey velour
Seating – 75 People total (approx)
Style of Seating – Booths 20 / Tubchairs 6 / Chairs 40/ Cushions 10 most with sidetables

Facilities: Cushions, chairs, booths, side tables – details on website

Opening hours: Close midnight (check opening hours)

Will public holiday on Monday affect Sunday night opening hours? No. Close midnight

Will venue provide onsite manager/other staff during festival period? Yes (Dean Winter)

Arrangements for key pick up/return/deposit: N/A as Dean Winter will open/close.

How early can we bump in each day? As early as need (ie flexible)

How late can we bump out each day? After midnight

Instructions for opening/closing venue: N/A as Dean Winter will open/close.

Is electricity switched on at venue? Yes

Internet facilities? Wifi

Internet login details: TBC

Licenced venue (alcohol)? No

If unlicenced, can we serve alcohol by donation? Yes

Technical facilities:


Power – 1×3 phase, 32 amp 5 pin / 8x240v circuits (10 & 15A)

Lighting – 3x lighting bars
Dynalite – 1×12 ch rack (analogue)
Behringer – 1x Lx board (DMX & analogue)
Strand 223 – 3x 1kw fresnels

Strand 123 – 6x 500w fresnels
Strand 23 – 9x 500/650w profiles
Selecon – 1x 1200w follow spot, extra light available


Audio FOH – Yamaha 1x 16/6 mixer
Sony – 1x CD player
Sony – 1x minidisk recorder
RCF – Art 400A powered speakers (15″ + horn, 350w ea)
Microphones – Shure, EV, AKG, Sennheiser Rode, Bock, JTS
F/Back – Bose1x 300w amplifier / Bose1x pr f/b monitors


Epson dreamio (EH-TW3000) full HD native resolution 1800 ansi projector

Pioneer Blu ray player (BDP-120)

DVD player

4 Metre screen (back wall)
Kodak – 2x slide projectors

Effects & Specials

Piano (Yamaha c108 upright),  Smoke machine, Lx effects, Trestle table, other too numerous to list.

Café Area/Basement

Espresso machine, commercial dishwasher, performers cupboards, Men’s and women’s toilet.

Are any technical facilities included in the hire or extra charge: Included

What other events are happening in the venue during festival period? Generally none. Blocks out TINA in diary each year

Venue accessibility, including venue, toilets, parking, slope of street:  No wheelchair access due to 11 steps

Venue safety (inc emergency evacuation plan inc muster point): Muster point is out on footpath outside venue

Waste management – what existing facilities can we use? Waste/recycling? 1 small waste bin, 1 small recycling bin. We should not use bins too much.

Can we stick up posters/signage (using blu tack) outside and inside venue? Yes.

Ventilation?  TBC

Natural light? TBC

What type of audience already goes to the venue? Artistic, theatre, cabaret, jazz

How can venue help promote TINA? On website

How can Octapod help promote venue? Via social media, listed as venue sponsor on Octapod website, promote their events via Culture Hunter

Photos of venue: Street view, each available room See website

Venue floor plan provided? no, can make one

Cost ex gst eg hourly rate or flat rate? $500 plus gst

Any discount or sponsorship arrangement? Yes, details TBC

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