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The Press Book House on Hunter Street is a sacred place for me; it’s now the only bookstore in the Newcastle CBD where you can peruse through second hand books while getting your daily dosage of caffeine. The antique feel of the store is heightened by the furniture and lighting, not to mention the numerous spines of new and used novels. If you’re really lucky the owner’s daughter will make an appearance, making you coo and want to buy tiny pink socks. It’s a magical space. So when given the opportunity to be in the Press after dark, well it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

The reason for this is the monthly live recording of Kill Your Younglings, hosted by local comedian Liam Callen. What is Kill Your Younglings? It’s where local personalities come to talk passionately about their greatest passion, warts and all. Liam Callen is no stranger to podcasts, he is part of the Radio Nomads podcast crew with 17 podcasts on his show Dissecting Uncle Walt (Yes, a podcast crew). It is evident that Liam knows what he is doing, the atmosphere is relaxed and his guests are at ease making for a smooth show. Liam also has an in depth knowledge of pop culture with many facts and insights, it’s like an educational comedy night.

The first Kill Your Younglings was held in August with comedian and filmmaker Allan Brady gushing over Terminator 2 and 80’s action films as well as hating on Michael Bay and the Transformer series. The second event involved a double act of William McCosh talking of battle miniatures and Steve White discussing his kryptonite, Superman. The third event, which I attended, involved Jarrod Moore, a 3rd heat winner of the Clown and Anchor, dissecting the ups and downs of memes and Erling “the Duke” Grønhaug of the Main Guy and the Other Guys talking about his love of music.

The whole event had a great vibe, presumably helped by the cheap tins for sale and the intimate space but I do feel a lot of the experience is owed to the dialogue. It’s interesting watching people talking about their passion, they get wrapped up in excitement and fill the air with an electricity that is infectious to the crowd. The conversation doesn’t always stay on topic either. There was discussion on celebrations of Marty McFly’s arrival date, which the Duke is hosting an event at the Lass O’Gowrie for, and the importance of the unicycle (which you can find out by listening to the podcast).

Jarrod and the Duke bounced off each other well with the guided assistance of Liam while the crowd laughed, occasionally adding their own quips. The good nature of the speakers and the crowd makes for a great evening of random knowledge, beer and, if the mic picks up your laughter, your own 5 seconds of fame. Or you can go to see the Press Book House after office hours and use their bathroom, which is akin to meeting your idols for any book nerd.

The next Kill Your Younglings is on the 18th of November. Liam Callen will be talking to stand-up comedy fringers Ethan Andrews (Serendipity) and Thao Than Cao (Appropriately Inappropriate). For $5 you can leave with slightly tighter abs and improved trivia knowledge.

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Event review by Jodie Millard for Culture Hunter.

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