REVIEW: Flanno Worries

Flanno Worries – Matty B

The Royal Exchange is an intimate space hidden on Bolton Street. You are greeted with a big colourful entrance then guided through halls which are a twisted maze of kitschy and colourful signs. The main area is filled with bean bags, retro chairs and lamps; it’s the kind of scene you would expect from a 1950’s film. This particular night people mingle over wines, waiting for Matty B to take the stage with his new one-man show ‘Flanno Worries’.

Matty B emerges with a glass of wine, guitar and songbook. After a quick introduction we’re taken on journey into Matty’s imaginative Flanno Worries. The show begins with the anti-hero Neville, a beat down loser given a chance by the Bogan Angel.  The remedy: flannos, flannos in every shape, size, colour and luscious fabric. With the aid of his guitar, Matty B tells us the exhilarating tale of Neville’s love and passion of everything flanno as well as his self-destructing nature.

The Flanno Worries story is larger than life and a love song to flannos. The world Matty B creates is at times ludicrous, his creativity setting the imagination free to create a world entirely of flannos. He weaves together a vibrant, larger than life world of Neville with spoken word utilising his acoustic guitar. The audience is also graced with Neville’s marketing campaigns, which are full of puns and reminiscent of a Lowe’s ad.

You can expect to laugh at absurd images of flanno housing but the story of Flanno Worries comes with a deeper message, the story of Neville isn’t always a pretty one. Audiences can expect some dark themes, and strong language, however Matty B is able to keep the overall night light and entertaining leaving the audience with a smile on their face.

Event review by Jodie Millard for Culture Hunter.

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