The Resources section is divided into 2 main areas:

CREATIVE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – Fact sheets and templates related to the key business skills that artists and arts organisations need to sustain and grow their creative business.

ART FORM SPECIFICS – Fact sheets and templates categorised according to art form: Dance, Literature, Museums and History, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts, New Media and Design.

Latest Resources Listings

TEMPLATE: Project Plan – Task Worksheet

TEMPLATE: Project Plan - Task Worksheet... More

TEMPLATE: Project Goals Statement

TEMPLATE: Project Goals Statement... More

TEMPLATE: Project Charter

TEMPLATE: Project Charter... More

TEMPLATE: Milestone Schedule

TEMPLATE: Milestone Schedule This template provides a handy record of what needs to be done and timeframes.... More

TEMPLATE: Meeting Agenda

TEMPLATE: Meeting Agenda Meetings need structure in order to stay on track. This template is an example of a meeting agenda.... More

CHECKLIST: Common Sources of Risk

CHECKLIST: Common Sources of Risk This checklist gives examples of types of risks for different risk categories.... More

CHECKLIST: Common Project Constraints

CHECKLIST: Common Project Constraints This checklist gives examples of risks for different project management processes.... More

CHECKLIST: Closeout Checklist

CHECKLIST: Closeout Checklist Handy list to help you make sure you have done everything needed to finish off your project.... More
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