The Resources section is divided into 2 main areas:

CREATIVE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – Fact sheets and templates related to the key business skills that artists and arts organisations need to sustain and grow their creative business.

ART FORM SPECIFICS – Fact sheets and templates categorised according to art form: Dance, Literature, Museums and History, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts, New Media and Design.

Latest Resources Listings

WEBSITE: Hunter Writers Centre

WEBSITE: Hunter Writers Centre is the not for profit writers centre for workshops, information and resources about all stages and forms of writing. Members have access to a members only webpage with information about competitions, festival... More

WEBSITE: Ausdance

WEBSITE: Ausdance - they design and deliver accessible and sustainable services to support Australian dance professionals. Resources include fact sheets and guides on topics as diverse as “what is a safe dance floor?”, “what is the a... More

FACT SHEET: Tips on Seeking Sponsorship

FACT SHEET: Tips on Seeking Sponsorship... More

TEMPLATE: Weekly Status Report

TEMPLATE: Weekly Status Report This template provides an example of how to keep track of your project.... More

TEMPLATE: Sample Scope Document

TEMPLATE: Sample Scope Document This template outlines key issues to think about when planning your project.... More

TEMPLATE: Risk Management – risk assessment form

TEMPLATE: Risk Management This is a risk assessment form that can be used as a template for your event.... More

TEMPLATE: Project Stages Task List

TEMPLATE: Project Stages Task List... More

TEMPLATE: Project Repository Contents

TEMPLATE: Project Repository Contents... More
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