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There’s a swarm of people hovering outside Central Bar on King Street. The night sky is full of grey clouds threatening to drench us at any moment but the crowd emits an infectious, excited vibe. People chat amongst each other while they wait in an orderly line to have their tickets scanned and enter into the world of RAW.

RAW is a showcase for creatives that features in over 70 different cities worldwide and, having such a large population of amazing artists, Newcastle is one of them. The venue of Central is a perfect choice with its high roof and regal décor that helps set the mood for a celebration of art and creativity. Being in such a large space the crowd’s hubbub is not overwhelming but rather fills out the area creating a lively atmosphere.  The host Matt Purcell was excellent with his introductions and garnering audience participation throughout the night.

Artist stalls are set up on both floors on the outskirts of the walkways with a stage and runway filling the centre. Stalls range from artwork and prints, to photography, resin jewellery and much more. The artists were more than happy to discuss their passions and inspirations with guests, some artists like Pixie L Art taking the opportunity to raffle off on of her pieces. One of the many fantastic aspects of RAW is not all of the artists were established; Laura Alice, who has recently completed her HSC showcased her prints, an achievement her and her family were visibly proud of.

On the stage a range of musicians play one after the other. The quality of music is impressive and we were treated to full band performances such as Woodie who was joined on stage by friends to perform as a jazz style band, whereas other artists such as Tim Rossington braved the stage as a solo performer. The acoustics were impressive; although best heard from the ground floor many people, myself included, were unable to pull themselves away from the balcony overlooking the stage on the second floor as they were serenaded by the sounds.

Towards the end of the night people gathered around to watch the final bang, the fashion show. Hair & make up artists collide with designers to create a high class runway production. The designers varied greatly in design and were well complimented by the hair and make up artists with styles ranging from warrior, bohemian and Gothic with an excellent soundtrack that pumped the crowd up even more. Afterwards we were treated to the unique dance styles of Madaleine Magennis and Katherine Foote, both trained dancers who have performed worldwide making the night a complete showcase of performance.

After the fashion show ended we were invited to stay, the clouds had unleashed and everyone leaving was going to be drenched. That did nothing to damped the good mood and feeling that RAW had given the crowd. The night had a unique quality to it of inclusiveness with artists happily discussing their work, models wearing their exquisite wares freely around the area  and of course the other artists attending the show. Such events like Raw help create and foster a relaxed environment in which creatives can form friendships. It’s hard to not feel positvely influenced when you are surrounded by so many talented people.

RAW – Trend Creatives

Host: Matt Purcell

Musicians: Woodie, Yours Truly, Mel and Jade, Tim Rossington

Artists: Jill Scarfe, Ruve Staneke, Emily Allison, Jacqulane Dilosa, Pixie L Art, Paula Formosa, Skyetangles, Laura Alice Art, Alicia Douglas, Russell Shortland, Safari Art, Rabbit, White Rabbit

Photographer: Shotz By Jackson, Dark Cherry Design, Tyler Steele Hamilton

Jewellery: Resinbyivy, Ornate Treasures, The Knotted Bead,

Clothing: Velvetrythms, Hine McCabe & Bevan McCabe, Oras the Label

Hair & Make Up: Passion Hair @ Belmont, Dynamik Hair and Make Up, Koko Makeup Design, Katie-Jane, Rhiannon Laman Make Up

Dancer: Madaleine Magennis, Katherine Foote

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Review by Jodie Millard for CultureHunter.

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