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I’m delighted when I’m asked if I want to attend RAW: Reveal. My first experience of Raw (Trend) was a night of artistic fulfilment and encouragement, I was looking forward to what Reveal would bring. Upon entering we were greeted by the voice of Matt Purcell, the energetic host of the night. We made our way through the busy crowd to front bar to try one of the themed burgers put on by Central bar for the exclusive RAW menu.

As we waited for our food we were graced by the voice of Sandy Bennett and her guitar, a very humble and talented musician. While Central puts out an excellent menu finding seats can be difficult, I highly recommend finding your seats then ordering your food otherwise you might end up waiting longer because the waiter can’t find you. Was it worth the wait? Yes and I highly recommend ordering food, my first RAW I had huge food envy. We ordered the Heisenberg burger and it’s a contender for best burger in Newcastle.

Once our bellys were full it was time to have a look at the artistic showcase. RAW features a unique showcasing of artists, from photography to drawing and crafts. This showcase we were treated to pop culture art, from Jackson Ward‘s unique portraits of Kanye West, Amy Winehouse, Willie Nelson to Mara Anne Art‘s collection of Star Wars paintings.

There were many animal enthusiast artists this RAW exhibit. Nameless Designs used a variety of techniques for her rabbits, foxes and dapper cats. Emily Brown classifies herself as a Natural History Illustrator, bringing life to moths, spiders and all matter of creatures. One of my favourite exhibits of the night was from Lil Col with her endearing drawings, including the character Albert and her animal orchestra complete with a sloth on the harp and an otter playing the clarinet.

Art was not just limited to prints and easels, downstairs dream catchers littered the roof. Created by JoJo’s Dream Catchers, each is individually crafted and guaranteed to not only keep your dreams safe but also your room beautiful. Sarah Ashley has taken surfboard design to a new level by designing big, flowering mandalas onto the boards.

Flowers were another big theme of the night. Pushing Pansies had bouquets littered across the table, beautifully arranged with a nice mixture of green leaves and colour. Living Frames had a different interpretation, instead taking the flowers and elegantly hanging them from a frame to create an alternative decoration. While Katelyn May has a youthful touch in her work with a big love for Nutella, flowers and typography splashed with watercolours.

Art by Denise Duffy was another exquisite artist. She had many eye catching pieces but one in particular was her metal work. Using a grinder she has developed a technique to create a reflective surface which she then paints to resemble beach scenes, in particular Newcastle beach. A crowd milled around her artwork, tilting their heads to see the different colours shimmering in the light.

RAW comes to a peak with its fashion show. Hair and make up artists collaborate with local designers to create a unique runway experience. While waiting for the runway we were treated to a burlesque style performance by HannahBenur Designs handed out envelopes similar to a wedding invitation, complete with a chocolate heart! The dresses were elegant and the music was well suited, those girls melted a lot of hearts.

Tipsy Orchestra was a great culture mix of Spain and Japan, well at least in this reviewer’s eyes. There was a great eccentric beat to the show with hair held up in chopsticks to add another layer to the look. Sarsparilly closed the show with retro frocks, complete with candy and Alice in Wonderland designs. The dresses design was 50’s rockabilly style, garnering wardrobe envy from a lot of the audience.

Once again RAW has managed to exceed my expectations. It’s a night of character and a step out of reality into the world of art. What’s to lose? You might pick up a new print, some new jewellery or decorations or perhaps you’ll indulge in some great music and one of the best burgers in Newcastle.

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Review by Jodie Millard for Culture Hunter.

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