Expressions of interest from artists sought

The Residential Life program, a program of University of Newcastle Services Ltd, is a multifaceted approach to residential living, providing skill development and community building opportunities for on-campus residents.
The Residential Life office is calling for expressions of interests from local artists and art practitioners to facilitate workshops in a number of mediums including, but not limited to:

  • Sketching/drawing/painting
  • Handicrafts
  • Sculpture
  • Installations
  • Photography
  • Mixed media
  • Video and sound production
  • Recycled and re-used materials
  • Space activation and creation
  • Technical (including architecture models/drawings)

Workshops will be held throughout the year to provide diverse social and cultural opportunities, and develop differing skill sets with the residential population.
Sets of workshops will culminate in an art exhibition that is scheduled for early August. The workshops and exhibition encourages the inclusive participation of residents who do not currently associate themselves with art practices.
Interested practitioners should contact Jen Elhindi on 49241352 or at by the 31st MAY, 2013 with your experience in facilitating community workshops and examples of your work.


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