Mikaela Ferguson

I have always been an artistic person, as a child I was always most comfortable in arts and crafts. I undertook art subjects both inside and outside of school, and Visual Arts evidently became the subject in which I achieved the best results during my High School Certificate.

After high school, out of interest, I started playing with different cameras and Photoshop. I taught myself a lot through trial and error, but eventually at Newcastle University I took courses in both Traditional and Digital Photomedia. It was here that I developed skills that were a good starting point from which I have, and will, continue to grow as a photographer in my own right.

After a lot of time and worrying trying to figure out where I wanted and needed to be, I enrolled this year at Newcastle Art School in Fine Arts, and I was home.

Picking up a paint brush or a pencil and moving towards a blank canvas has always been an exciting prospect. Knowing what to do when you get there is another thing completely. I love to learn and I am excited every day that I get the chance to create.

I have been lucky enough to exhibit some of my photography at the View Factory this year, and work as an official photographer at Newcastle Fashion Week. I have also undertaken some small photographic jobs for Newcastle University.

While I feel as my skills develop further, that my field of artistic practice will more likely be in painting, I am always eager and happy to undertake any job, activity or experience that would allow me to do what I love, and that is art.


Category: Directory
Type: Individual
Region: Newcastle
Artform: Visual Arts New Media And Design,

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