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Bobbi Oliver is an American that relocated to Australia from the USA in 1999. Bobbi has been interested in Art from a very early age, fortunate to have parents that supported her desire to paint they found a private teacher where she took oil painting, water colour and drawing classes for 9 years while in school. This gave her the foundation of experience that carries over into every aspect of her Art work today.
During school Bobbi was introduced to clay and after school the paint brushes went in a drawer and clay became her creative medium for the next 30 years. Bobbi made pottery but also ventured into sculpting in clay, bronze and mixed media. Bobbi was very active in the Lake County Arts Council in Lakeport, California. She worked with the council to establish many arts programs for schools, and event s for all art forms to display, sell and perform their various arts.
The early years in Australia Bobbi continued to work in clay establishing a pottery in Tenambit. As the interest in pottery waned Bobbi discovered another clay medium to work in. Polymer clay has been the clay of choice now for many years. Bobbi sculpts Art dolls in Living Doll clay and works in fabric and textiles.
She travels the state selling her dolls at Doll and Bear shows.
She currently is painting on canvas and fabrics, creating abstract designs on scarves, small handbags, bandanas, and brooches. Working with stamps and layering different brilliant colours one after another. Bobbi said, “ I love the colour, making them snap and appear to move on the surface, it is so much fun.”  I tend to run for awhile with one medium and then change to another. But never seem to give any of them away. She has a BA degree from Humboldt State University, Arcata, California in Studio Art with an emphasis in Sculpture in 1992.
Bobbi currently teaches various art techniques from her studio in Thornton, in the Sydney area and at Scrap Needs in Cardiff. She also works for The Mai-Wel Group in Telarah as an Arts Facilitator.  You can see my work at on my website
Member of the Maitland Regional Artists Society  
Hunter Arts Network
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Address: Thornton, NSW 2322

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Type: Individual
Region: Newcastle
Artform: Visual Arts New Media And Design,

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