Newcastle is where the lockouts started, and after 10 years there is finally a review into whether they should be relaxed.

Like Sydney, the lockouts in Newy were introduced without adequate consultation and were actually followed by a spike in violence until venues were able to introduce measures to curb it. Meanwhile they hurt businesses and Newcastle’s reputation as a vibrant city. You’re not allowed to have a cocktail or straight whiskey after 10pm in some venues — what a joke!

It’s a shame because Newcastle has so much potential to be a cultural force in Australia. Some fantastic artists hail from there, from bands like RAAVE TAPESThe Gooch Palms and Introvert to electronic acts like Mall GrabJust A Gent and Dj Fuel. Oh, and you may have heard of this cool three-piece called Silverchair?

We want to see Newcastle grow in relevance and diversity, not only retaining young people but attracting them as well. In the meantime, Newcastle is only cementing NSW as the ‘no fun’ state.

To make your voice heard, make a submission to the review and email it to newcastle.review@ilga.nsw.gov.au. You have until Wednesday 24 January.


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