Karen Carrejo

Karen Carrejo is a Port Stephens based artist whose practice is an ongoing spatial, social and environmental experiment where fundamental elements such as colour, form and interaction intertwine.

Utilising sculpture and installation, Carrejo employs repetition and materials that have an inherent ability to create light and beauty in nature oriented imperfect or irregular forms. These mesmerising transparent glass structures are grounding and layered in imagery. The objects draw the viewer in through narrative and encrusted meaning.

Carrejo was awarded the People’s Choice Award at the USU Annual Verge Awards in 2015, is a finalist in “Emerge/Evolve” Bullseye Glass Prize, Portland, USA in 2016 and is completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts in 2016.

Website: https://goodturtle.wordpress.com/
Phone: 0417770380
Address: Monash Close
Tanilba Bay, NSW 2319

Category: Directory
Type: Individual
Region: Port Stephens
Artform: Visual Arts New Media And Design,

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