Karen Adler

I’m a Transpersonal Art Therapist, an artist, writer and curator. I run art therapy workshops, retreats and do individual counselling sessions. I view the arts as being innately and immensely healing and health-giving. I write poetry, short stories, articles and unpublished novels [huh!], make hand-made books, beaded jewellery and doodle a lot. My lastest favourite creation is Crazed Ninja Cat. I’ve worked with health professionals, mental health groups, women with addictions, disabilities groups, youth, and people just wanting to bring about some peace and serenity in their lives via the insight that art-making and silence can bring. I love making both people and their art, visible and proud in the world.

Website: http://www.thejourneyjournal.webs.com
Phone: 0420 593 121
Address: Karen Adler
c/- The Monastery
Stroud, NSW 2425

Category: Directory
Type: Individual
Region: Newcastle
Artform: Visual Arts New Media And Design,

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