Janice Bellamy

Growing up on a farm on the far north coast of New South Wales gave me a love of nature which seems to influence all my interests, including art. I work with pastels of all types, pencils including water soluble varieties, watercolour, acrylic, mixed media and recently have combined art with writing childrens’ short stories. These stories have an emphasis on observation of nature and bush safety, they are also creating way to celebrate all things Australian and that which makes Australia unique.
Another branch of art, via the use of a Wacom Intuos Tablet, has the luxury of being able to use any media in the same “painting” and is every bit as exacting as using conventional media.
Art was always an interest. It is now a means to relax while creating a work which is an expression of my experiences. I have been fortunate to receive instruction from a talented watercolourist, attended pastel lessons and MRSA workshops covering acrylics, pencil, watercolour and pastel.
Personal Interests are art, craft, photography, writing, family history, Earth Sciences including minerals, native flora and fauna, geology and meteorology.
My community interests are:
AMCAT (Australian Museum of Clothing and Textiles) whose wonderful collection includes Australian and International items of clothing, textiles and domestic linen worn and used by people of walks of life. Contact me.
Living Library Book with the Maitland City Library – Living Library Books have stories to tell about some aspect of their lives, there are many interesting stories, mine is “An Australian Story”.
These interests in some way include art and life is richer for it, it is a powerful medium, it heals those who have suffered trauma, assists those who have learning difficulties and has the ability to absorb one completely.

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Type: Individual
Region: Maitland
Artform: Visual Arts New Media And Design,

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