Free Online Poem Sharing Service Launched

In an effort to deliver more poetry to the world, the UK has launched a free online poem sharing service – Poem Pigeon.

The site urges people who have a poem to share to submit it to the site, noting that your submissions can be as public or private as the submitter wishes.

‘Poems can be as long or as short as you like and follow any format… rhyming couplets, sonnets, blank verse, haikus, poems for occasions, little ditties written when you really should be working… serious and high-minded, humourous, romantic… there’s a home for it all at Poem Pigeon,’ the site reads.

Since the site’s launch, 355 poems have been uploaded by 326 different poets. Poem Pigeon is also running a March competition which will provide £100 to the most popular poem uploaded this month.

Poem Pigeon is just the latest in a string of online sites that allow users to submit their poems, many times in order to be presented with feedback on their writing. Other such sites include All Poetry, which allows poets to connect with each other’s work and provide feedback as well as engaging in poetry contests. Other sites, such as Deep Underground Poetry have a more specific target, urging people to submit ‘edgy, dark and dirty’ poems.

Interested poets can submit their work here.

Submissions by others can be read here.

The site also has a dedicated Twitter account which announces when new poems have been published on the site


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