Free Exhibition Space available – SEEN@Swansea, Lake Macquarie

Applications have opened for Artists and Artist Collectives, Heritage Groups and Schools to exhibit in SEEN@Swansea… and its FREE!

The exhibition space comprises an area of 88sqm, 18.5m of hanging space and a total 50 linear metres along which to display items. The space is also climate controlled, security monitored and manned by a dedicated team of SEEN Volunteers.

Application to Exhibit

SEEN@Swansea or the South East Exhibition Network space, is a new initiative to provide a professional exhibition space for the presentation of our unique history, art, ideas and touring exhibitions.

This newly fitted-out exhibition space hosts a program of exhibitions that explore Lake Macquarie’s history, community stories and treasures, as well as special shows on themes ranging from dinosaurs to recycled sculpture.

Lake Macquarie City Council recognises the value and benefit of arts and culture to the social cohesion of the community and to the economic wellbeing of the region. Council has a clear philosophy to assist the community to realise its cultural, social and economic aspirations and to support the development of a strong community with a sense of its own identity and appreciation of its cultural heritage.

Applications are now open for a duration of 12 weeks at SEEN@Swansea for 2019.

About the Space

SEEN@ Swansea or the South East Exhibition Network is a first floor of the Swansea Community Centre.

Situated opposite the Swansea Library, SEEN will operate as a rotating exhibition space for contemporary exhibitions in celebrating the heritage and stories of Lake Macquarie but also present local exhibitions of art, craft and design.

A new initiative for the city, SEEN aims to present curated and touring exhibitions, showcase local collections amassed through the city’s Historical Societies and Heritage Groups. SEEN@Swansea provides a suitable venue to present quality exhibitions, develop awareness of the city’s heritage and creativity for the south east and provide an opportunity for the community to be more involved within the arts.

Location and opening hours

First floor mezzanine, The Swansea Centre (opposite the Swansea library in the Swansea Centre) Open 7 days, 10am-3pm Holiday closures Closed 25-26 December 2018, 1 January 2019, 19 April 2019

Selection Criteria

Applications will be assessed on the presentation of quality exhibitions that;

• address aspects of the regions social and cultural history as well as contemporary culture; • encourages research and publication;
• include community partnerships.
• Priority will be given to exhibitions not previously seen in the City.

Applications will be considered by SEEN@Swansea Exhibition Working Group that best reflect the objectives of the program. Exhibitions will not be excluded on moral, political, racial, religious, sexist, language or other sensitive grounds alone, however the team will reserve the right to exercise discretion when choosing exhibits that will be displayed.

Budget and Resources

SEEN@Swansea is a free exhibition space.

Successful Exhibitors will be required to fund:
• The set up of the exhibition including all framing and supports needed to use the hanging system, interpretive panels, labels and additional exhibition furniture.
• Lake Mac Libraries will provide staff and volunteers to operate the bar and serve food during the launch event. Exhibitors are responsible for all associated costs of these events. • Lake Mac Libraries will aim to roster volunteers to man the exhibition during opening hours, however there may be times/days when volunteers are not available. Exhibitors are encouraged to take shifts in manning the exhibition.
• Exhibitors are responsible for the insurance of works during the period of the exhibition and whilst travelling to and from SEEN. Whilst the space is fitted with a surveillance system, all insurance to cover damage to or theft of artworks on display or in transit to or from SEEN is the responsibility of the Exhibitor.
• The promotion of the exhibition is a joint responsibility between Council and the Exhibitor/s. A listing within the Lake Mac Libraries website, LMCC facebook and other social media platforms will be included, in addition to sending a media release to local papers. Any advertising and promotion outside these actions will be on the discretion of the Exhibitor.

• Programming that enhances the visitor’s experience of the exhibition eg. talks, tours, school activities will be negotiated between Lake Mac Libraries and the exhibitor/s and/or exhibition managers. If works are for sale, Council will retain a 25 per cent commission on works sold during the exhibition period unless otherwise specified.

Hire of SEEN@Swansea includes:

• promotional and marketing support

• design of electronic invitation

• Distribution of e-invitations to our Arts, Heritage and Culture mailing list and through the Lake Mac Libraries mailing list.

• Lake Mac Libraries staff and volunteers will man the exhibition for its duration, handle sales and provide additional information.


Please download the SEEN@Swansea Application Form, fill out and return via:

Hard copy application forms may be obtained from the participating Libraries and by contacting Jacqui Hemsley on request.

Applications for 2019 calendar year close Monday 10 December at 3pm.

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