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Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre (MALTC)

Arwarbukarl Cultural Resource Association (ACRA) was established in 2002, committed to cultural and language awareness in Awabakal country; ... More

Lanelle Lee Chin

Lanelle Lee Chin is a Photomedia artist who works mostly with the digital side of photographic based art. She has had extensive studio and l... More

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart is a Newcastle based Ceramic artist known for her figurative sculptures depicting everyday life. Her works are mostly humourous ... More

stageGroup australia

 stageGroup australia is an independent studio offering acting tuition in groups and to individuals.  Classes can be tailored to suit any ... More

Melanie Jurrissen

Melanie Jurrissen is an emerging photographer out of Newcastle. She is currently finishing her degree of Fine art through the University of ... More

David Hampton

David Hampton lives in the age of the steam engine and the straw hat. Whilst this can be inconvenient, it has afforded him an artistic pract... More

Friends of the Regal

The 'Friends of the Regal are working with Newcastle City Council to provide a cultural cinema centre at the site of the former Regal cine... More

Didi S. Gilson

Member of ZuperQuirk Photographers Collective: As well as a creative, innovative, fine arts photographer, DS Gils... More
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