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Cameron Groth Media

Cam is chief sound engineer/producer at Darkhorse studio, Newcastle. His passion for recording and production has developed and evolved towa... More

Mikaela Ferguson

I have always been an artistic person, as a child I was always most comfortable in arts and crafts. I undertook art subjects both inside and... More

Emily Reuter

I have recently completed a Master in Fine Art at Newcastle University, where visual research was collected in the form of photography, from... More

Benjamin Bourke

Benjamin is a Newcastle based artist primarily focused on painting. Exploring themes of mass media, politics, social construction of gender,... More

Megan Williams

Born and raised in Newcastle, Megan started her fascination with fine art at the age of eight, after winning a local art competition and rec... More

Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre (MALTC)

Arwarbukarl Cultural Resource Association (ACRA) was established in 2002, committed to cultural and language awareness in Awabakal country; ... More

Lanelle Lee Chin

Lanelle Lee Chin is a Photomedia artist who works mostly with the digital side of photographic based art. She has had extensive studio and l... More

Sue Stewart

Sue Stewart is a Newcastle based Ceramic artist known for her figurative sculptures depicting everyday life. Her works are mostly humourous ... More
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