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SambaFrog Brazilian Dance and Percussion

SambaFrog is a Brazilian –style “samba school”, a dance and drumming company that specialises in bringing the excitement, energy and s... More

Blue Water Line Dancers Nelson Bay

Blue Water Line Dancers Nelson Bay Classes: VENUE       SOLDIERS  POINT  BOWLING  CLUB                    ... More


FOR ARTS SAKE! born in newcastle 1979. My artistic journey began as a very young child, and it is still a very passionate journey. I have... More

Potters Barn [Port Stephens Art Center]

The Barn Potters meet  on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 am until about 1  pm. Facilities are available for 1.  Making pots and sculptures... More


I was born in England in 1946 . I attended college for 3 years  before working as a designer for several companies. I spent a year in the U... More

Back to Back Galleries

Newcastle Studio Potters Inc. and Back to Back Galleries is a cooperative group open to interested members of the public with an interest in... More

Mezzanine Art Gallery

The gallery provides opportunities for local artists, cultural groups and participants in creative projects to share their work with the bro... More

Sandra Burgess

I currently work at the University of Newcastle as a Technical Officer in Ceramics. I began studying at Newcastle TAFE in 1979 then worke... More
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