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Create NSW offers direct funding to organisations, artists, practitioners and arts and cultural workers through the Arts and Cultural Development Program (ACDP).

The program funds everything from multiyear programs to one-off projects and professional development opportunities, across visual arts, museums and history, literature, performing arts, music and more.

Create NSW also delivers on defined and developing priorities, new opportunities through specific strategic initiatives and targeted support. As new initiatives and other opportunities are developed throughout the year, information will be published on the website.

The Arts and Cultural Development Program

Before you make an application, please ensure you read the relevant funding description and General Eligibility requirements in the ACDP guidelines.

Previous funding decisions and Assessment Meeting Reports are also available for reference.

Program funding

Program funding is available for NSW-based organisations towards the costs of delivering arts and cultural programs on an annual or multiyear basis.

There are two Program funding categories:

Information for Multiyear Program funding will be available in late 2017.

Arts NSW also supports the State Significant Organisations, Key Festivals and Regional Arts Development Organisations through negotiated funding and Major Performing Arts companies in partnership with the Commonwealth.

Project funding 

Project funding supports innovation, vibrancy and creativity within the NSW arts and cultural sector. Funding is available for arts and cultural activities and events.

The project funding categories are:

The ACDP defines regional NSW as the areas outside Sydney and Western Sydney; this includes the Central Coast, Hunter and Illawarra.

Professional Development funding

The Professional Development funding categories support artists, practitioners and arts and cultural workers to engage in opportunities to grow their skills and practice, connect with peers, build sustainable careers and take part in innovative collaborations.

The Professional Development categories are:

Aboriginal arts and culture projects

As part of Stage Two of the NSW Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Strategy 2015-18 – Connection, Culture, Pathways the following funding opportunities are available to support and further develop NSW Aboriginal arts and culture:

Applicants should consider the Aboriginal Arts and Cultural Protocols for information on consulting with Aboriginal organisations and communities.

Other NSW Government funding opportunities

NSW Small Grants

Some ACDP funds are managed by sector service organisations to support arts and cultural activities at local and regional levels through NSW Small Grants (previously called Devolved funding). Organisations offering these grants have broad networks across the arts sector, specific artforms and with the community.

For a list of the organisations, download the ACDP guidelines.

Applications for the NSW Small Grants should be made directly to the relevant partner organisation. Please contact partner organisations directly for further information on current NSW Small Grants.

NSW Government Exhibitions Scheme

The NSW Government Exhibitions Indemnification Scheme is operated by Create NSW on behalf of the NSW Government. The main purpose of the scheme is to provide a level of indemnity cover for exhibitions in art museums, regional art galleries and other organisations that meet certain standards. Applications to the scheme are currently accepted for exhibitions with a minimum value of A$5 million.

For information on the scheme, please contact Sam Wild, Manager Sector Investment, Create NSW on 9995 0573.

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