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Blood Bank

The Playhouse is abuzz with excitement for tonight’s show from Stooged Theatre, Blood Bank. It’s opening night and the crowd is excited for Christopher Harley’s latest play. Christopher is a Novocastrian playwright, known for his previous plays In a Pink Tutu and Remembering Pirates. The audience hushes as the actors take their places on the stage.

The set consists of four red chairs with a coffee table in the middle. It is simple but is a perfect picture of a doctor’s waiting room. The casting for Blood Bank is immaculate. Glen Waterhouse plays two characters, brothers who couldn’t be more different. The younger brother, Michael, is a worrier. He gives and gives until it’s too much. His brother, Justin, is charismatic, relaxed and fun. He’s so different to his younger brother that it was like a different actor was on stage.

Elise Bialek played the role of Abbey, an energetic and engaging character. As she bounced around the stage with her outlandish lines the audience laughed along. She had the right amount of confidence and doubt to make her a complex, charming character.

One of the most fitting characters was the nurse played by Janet Gillam. Although her part was small in comparison she was the embodiment of a nurse with the caring, yet sometimes hard attitude that we’ve all experienced. Her character provided motherly advice and well timed comic relief.

While the acting is exceptional the script is also a marvel. Blood Bank manages to move between the characters timelines with ease, from childhood to the present. The story flows in a way that is easy to understand, utilising voice recording and simple costume changes. The story is compelling, a great take on modern day romance and loss that doesn’t hold back.

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Review by Jodie Millard for CultureHunter.

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