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Q What is is an online portal to promote arts and culture from across the Hunter Region. The content of the site is created by those that use it. is free to join for anyone involved or interested in arts and culture in the Hunter Region. 

Q What can offer me?

The services available to members include:

  • Directory – a place to find individuals, organisations, venues and cultural resources.  When you become a member, you also become part of the Directory making it a great place to start networking. 
  • Noticeboard – a place to view news, reviews, work opportunities and more.  You can add to this as well simply by clicking Post on Noticeboard on the right hand side of the page.
  • What’s On – this is the events calendar.  Adding your scheduled activities – whether it is an event, festival, exhibition, production, market, or workshop - onto is a great way to promote your projects.  Just click on Add Event to Calendar
  • Hunter by Region Spotlight – whilst the entire Hunter is covered on our Homepage, you can drill down to see information specific to each of the eleven Local Government Areas (LGAs) in the Hunter region - just  hover over Hunter by Region at the top of the page.  All the different regions covered will drop down.  Click on the one that interests you and you will be taken to a page very similar to the homepage, only all the information on this new page will relate to that single region, including the calendar and notices.

Q How do I create a Directory Profile?

When you join, you create a Directory Profile.  This is a great opportunity to connect with your local community, find other like-minded Culture Hunters and share your work to increase your reach in the Hunter Region. 

The Directory has three main categories you can add to: ‘Individuals,’ ‘Organisations,’ and ‘Venues’.  When you join, your profile is grouped in the Culture Hunters section.

Things to remember when building your Culture Hunter profile:

  • When you join, you are asked to enter your email address.  This will be your Username each time you login.  You will also be asked to nominate a password. 
  • Your email will be not be displayed to other Culture Hunter members, however, they will be able to send messages to your email address through’s ‘Contact’ option.  The Contact option is an email filter, designed to prevent Spam to your email address.
  • Other Culture Hunter members can see any other detail you write in your profile.  If you do not want others to know your phone number or address, then please do not include it.  Remember, interested Culture Hunter members can still get in touch with you via the Contact option. You can update your Profile at anytime by clicking on My Account.

Q How do I create a Venue or Organisation Directory Entry?

If you are the representative of an organisation or venue, you may login and build a separate Directory Profile for your organisation/ venue.  Things to remember when building an organisation or venue:

  • Please nominate one member to update the Directory information for your organisation or venue. 
  • There are two main channels for other users that want to contact you regarding your organisation or venue.  They can do this through ‘contact’ button, which will be sent to person that manages the Directory Profile.  Or they may use any of the nominated phone numbers, email addresses or websites listed.

Q How do I make the most out of my Directory Listing?

Make your Directory listing effective so that can:

  • Connect you with like minded people,
  • Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and skills
  • Help engage you with potential employers
  • Promote your services with your target audience

Your contribution also adds the growing cultural fabric of the Hunter community.

Important Information to Include:

  • Use a clear title – for yourself it will be your name, if you are creating a venue or organisation directory, use the name of those bodies that other people will recognise.
  • Add tags wisely – others will try to find you with words that describe you.  If you a landscape painter for example, write ‘artist, painter, landscape’.  If you are a live music venue, use words like ‘live music, open mic, blues music’ and so on.  Include the specific styles that will help others search and find you.  Remember to include a comma between each word, unless there is a multiple word description involved like ‘professional development, community event’.
  • Include an image or two: these will capture your audience’s attention, so please upload photos of your work or your organisation's logo.  They may be png, gif, jpg or jpeg formats up to 16MB in size.  Please ensure the photo is relevant to your entry as it is there to attract people, not confuse them.
  • Tell us a bit about yourself: What do you do, what have you done and why are you here?  The ‘Other Details’ section is where you give the details of your art or work.  This section is important to network you with new audiences and if you leave it blank; there will be little information to help them to understand who you are. Many members include a short biography of what they have done in the past and where they would like to go.  Others use this section to describe the type of contract or commission work they are available for hire to do.  On the other hand, you might want to include what opportunities there are for others, such as a dance classes or organised workshops.

If you don’t want to include your contact details, don’t worry because other members can find your email address through the Contact option.  This will format an email to you without revealing your email address to the other member.

And make sure you keep your profile up to date.  You can edit it at anytime by logging on and clicking on "Hi <you>" in the right hand corner of the site.

Q What are some examples of good Directory Entries?

Q When creating a post, I pasted information into the Description/ Other Details box, but the formatting went funny.  How do I fix this?

When users copy and paste written material into a post from either Microsoft Word or other websites it is likely that code associated with that text will also be copied & pasted into the post and become viewable to the general public. The result is publishing a confusing combination of symbols, letters and hyper text mark up language instead of the simple text post. 

To fix the problem:

  • Open the post and choose > Edit.
  • Scroll down to view the Other Details: dialog box at the bottom of the post. Inside this window you should see the text written for the post.
  • SELECT ALL the text and COPY it.
  • Open the application TextEdit and PASTE your selection into this document.
  • Return to the culturehunter post, SELECT ALL and  DELETE the EXISTING TEXT but ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE PASTED IT INTO A TEXT EDIT DOCUMENT (as described above).
  • Return to the TextEdit document, SELECT ALL and COPY the text from this document.
  • Return to the culturehunter post and PASTE the selection BACK into the now empty post.
  • Save the post and the problem should be solved.

TO avoid this in the future:

It is advisable that users write posts in the dialog box provided using the menu icons listed (such as, justification, Bold/Italic/Underlined text, hyperlinking, formatting of Fonts, etc ....). This is the ideal way to create a post for the website and very "readable", "dynamic" and "attractive" posts can be written using the tools provided.

Q How do I change my password?

Just login to your Directory account using your username and current password, then click "EDIT". Scroll down to "PASSWORD" and "CONFIRM PASSWORD" and write the new password in both the fields, then click save at the bottom of the page

Q Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Please email info(at) and we will do the best to assist you.


The Team.

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